Antique pine wardrobe 8061

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Antique pine wardrobe 8061

An old pine wardrobe that is demountable is a unique piece of furniture that can add a touch of character to any room. The demountable feature of the wardrobe makes it convenient for transportation, storage, and assembly, while the pine wood gives it a natural, rustic look.

The wardrobe was likely crafted by skilled artisans many years ago, and it may have been passed down through generations, adding to its sentimental value. The pine wood used to make the wardrobe has a warm, natural look and may have been selected for its durability and strength. The wood may show signs of wear and tear, adding to the overall character and charm of the wardrobe. The demountable feature of the wardrobe is an interesting aspect that makes it stand out from other wardrobes. It can be taken apart into smaller pieces for easier transportation and storage.

This cabinet has 2 doors and behind this doors there is an clothing rail with a shelf above. At the bottom of the cabinet there are 2 drawers.


1936x146x57x47 cm

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