Pine furniture

Pine Furniture: ranging from authentic to modern

At Steen Antiek you will find a wide range of pine furniture. From antique pine wardrobes that tell a story to modern pine dining tables that blend seamlessly with contemporary interiors, our selection is second to none. Every piece of pine furniture in our 3,000m² showroom reflects our commitment to quality and uniqueness. Whether you’re looking for an antique pine chest of drawers that has stood the test of time, or a pine bookcase that exudes modernity, you’ll find it all at Steen Antiques.

Pine furniture: durability and style go hand in hand

Sustainability is a core value at Steen Antiek. Our pine furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also built to last. Customers who choose our furniture are investing in pieces that can survive generations. Whether you choose a pine furniture in its original condition or a carefully restored piece from our workshop, you are guaranteed a product that is both durable and stylish.

Why pine furniture from Steen Antiek?


Worldwide Shipping

Wherever you are, our pine furniture is at your fingertips. We offer worldwide shipping, so you can enjoy our unique products anywhere in the world.

Showroom of 3000m²

Experience our pine furniture for yourself in our spacious showroom. Discover the diversity and quality we offer and get inspired.

Largest collection in Europe

Our pine furniture collection is unrivalled in size and diversity. Whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, our collection has it all.


Our passion for unique furniture drives us to travel all over Europe in search of the most extra ordinary pieces. This means that every piece of pine furniture at Steen Antiek is not just a piece of furniture, but a piece of history that tells a story. Customers of Steen Antiek are not just looking for furniture, they are looking for a unique experience and a personal touch for their space.

Pine furniture, a wise choice

At Steen Antiek, we strive to offer our customers not just furniture, but a complete experience. Our pine furniture, selected with attention to detail and quality, is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a combination of style, durability and uniqueness. Visit our showroom or take a look at our website and discover for yourself why pine furniture is the perfect choice for your interior.


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