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Industrial vintage Dresser | Workbench | Kitchen island Original Patina green 740

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A vintage sideboard in original condition with 3 doors and 6 shelves is a piece of furniture that is not only functional, but also tells a story. It carries with it the traces of the past and exudes an atmosphere of nostalgia and authenticity. Preserving the original condition of the sideboard is an essential aspect of its charm. The patina of the wood, the old handles and the historical details are all part of the authenticity of the piece of furniture. This gives the sideboard a unique look that cannot be replicated by newer furniture. It is like having a tangible piece of history in your interior. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the sideboard also offers functional versatility. With 3 doors and 6 shelves, you have plenty of storage space to organize and display various items. You can use the sideboard to store crockery, books, decorative objects, clothes and much more. The combination of open shelves and closed doors gives you the opportunity to hide items or just show off your collections.


111x219x40 cm


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