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Discover our collection of high quality vintage industrial workbenches/desks. Create a unique interior with these authentic pieces of furniture. Perfect for lovers of industrial style and functionality.

Whether you need a workstation for your home office, creative studio or industrial living space, our workbenches/desks will add a distinctive element to your interior. With their spacious work surfaces, drawers and storage options, they provide ample space to keep your work materials, documents and personal belongings organized.

Each vintage industrial workbench/desk in our collection has been carefully selected based on quality, authenticity and aesthetics. The distinctive design with metal frame, sturdy legs and weathered details creates an unmistakably vintage industrial look. These furniture pieces pay homage to the past and give your interior a touch of nostalgia and personality.

This desk has 6 drawers and 1 door.


90x201x38 cm



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